Mean follow-up was 98 months The gender bias was 37 5 %: 62

\n\nMean follow-up was 98 months. The gender bias was 37.5 %: 62.5 % (man: woman) with mean age of 56 years. The SH was right-sided in 56.25 %, left-sided in 37.5 % and bilateral in 6.25 % of the cases. The preoperative diagnosis was correct in 25 % of the cases. Eight patients (50 %) underwent elective surgery, and the other 8 patients (50 %) underwent surgical treatment on emergency basis. Two patients underwent open hernia repair by primary suture, 13 patients underwent open mesh repair and one patient underwent a laparoscopic mesh repair. Neither a major hernia repair-related complication nor mortality could be registered.\n\nSH is a rare entity with a wide clinical spectrum and

difficulties in preoperative diagnosis. Once the diagnosis of SH is established, a surgical treatment is indicated because

of the high complication risk.”
“Aims: To investigate Citarinostat plasma levels and the expression of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) in subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Methods: The study recruited 260 Chinese women divided into three groups: 96 were Smoothened Agonist healthy pregnant women with pre-pregnancy body mass index (pre-pregnancy BMI) below 25 kg/m(2) (GROUP 1), 84 were women with GDM with pre-pregnancy BMI below 25 kg/m2 (GROUP 2) and 80 were women with GDM with pre-pregnancy BMI over 25 kg/m2 (GROUP 3). Laboratory and anthropometric measurements were recorded and NGAL plasma levels were determined by ELISA for subjects in all groups. Real-time RT-PCR and Western blotting were used to assess the relative mRNA and protein expression of NGAL and tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF-alpha) in SAT selleck compound (30 cases in each group). Results: Our results demonstrated statistically significant elevation in plasma NGAL concentrations in GROUP 2 and GROUP 3 compared with GROUP 1 (p smaller than 0.001 for both group comparisons). Moreover, SAT NGAL mRNA (p smaller than 0.001 and p smaller than 0.001,

respectively) and protein (p smaller than 0.001 and p smaller than 0.001, respectively) expression levels were higher in GROUP 3 than in both GROUP 1 and GROUP 2. Correlations were noted between the plasma NGAL concentration and various parameters of insulin resistance. Conclusions: Plasma NGAL may play a role in the development of insulin resistance in GDM, and the high levels of NGAL expression in SAT in overweight women with GDM suggests that NGAL in SAT is associated with obesity in women with GDM. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“The interactionist approach to the study of exogenous oxytocin (OT) effects on prosocial behavior has emphasized the need to consider both contextual cues and individual differences. Therefore, an experiment was set up to examine the joint effect of intranasal OT, a salient social cue and the personality trait social value orientation on cooperative behavior in one-shot prisoner’s dilemma games.

Human Rh C glycoprotein (RhCG) forms a trimeric complex that play

Human Rh C glycoprotein (RhCG) forms a trimeric complex that plays an essential role in ammonia excretion and renal pH regulation. The X-ray crystallographic structure of human RhCG, determined at 2.1 angstrom resolution, reveals the mechanism of ammonia transport. Each monomer contains 12 transmembrane

helices, one more than in the bacterial homologs. Reconstituted into proteoliposomes, RhCG conducts NH(3) to raise internal pH. Models of the erythrocyte Rh complex based on our RhCG structure suggest that the erythrocytic Rh complex is composed of stochastically assembled heterotrimers of RhAG, RhD, and RhCE.”
“Recently, interest on the role of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) in the pathophysiology of find more hypertension has shifted toward greater emphasis on new developments in local RAS in specific tissues. We have focused our recent investigations on the role of the intrarenal-intratubular RAS in hypertension. All of the components needed for angiotensin II generation are present within the various compartments in the kidney. This brief review is focused on recent evidence that inappropriate activation of renin in distal nephron segments, by acting on angiotensinogen generated in the proximal

tubule cells and delivered to the distal nephron may contribute to increased distal intrarenal angiotensin II formation, PDGFR inhibitor sodium retention, and development and progression of hypertension. J Am Soc Hypertens 2009;3(2):96-104. (C) 2009 American Society of Hypertension. All rights reserved.”
“Root rot of papaya, caused by Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae, is the most widespread and important disease of papaya and is particularly damaging to many papaya varieties popular in southern India, such as Coorg Honey Dew and Surya. The objective of this study was to evaluate biocontrol agents (BCAs) under controlled INCB018424 cost and field conditions for their efficacy against Phytophthora infecting papaya cv. Surya and to detect and quantify the reduction in the pathogen population by immunological techniques. Glomus mosseae, Trichoderma harzianum and Pseudomonas

fluorescens were inoculated at the time of planting in the nursery and at the time of transplanting in single, dual and tripartite combinations allowing colonization up to 90 days. Plants were challenged thereafter with Phytophthora inoculum multiplied on specialized Phytophthora medium. Uninoculated plants and those inoculated with pathogen only were controls. All the BCAs in general improved plant growth and reduced severity of disease compared to uninoculated control in both pot experiments and under field conditions. Plants preinoculated with G. mosseae + T. harzianum, provided the best results when challenged with Phytophthora, with increased plant height, girth and yield and also reduced disease severity over plants not inoculated with BCAs.

The theoretical and practical implications of this model are disc

The theoretical and practical implications of this model are discussed. Namely, Sub-Saharan African, in general, and Ethiopian culture, in particular, plays an integral role in the adoption of ICT solutions. Organizational positions and roles among physicians,

clinical professionals, and superiors Torin 2 manufacturer stand to impact the adoption of telemedicine and other healthcare applications. Last, the degree to which users perceive that ICT is easy to use (i.e., ease of use) can be a function of technology experience and can influence perceived usefulness on behalf of users and healthcare organizations.”
“Modafinil is used in the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness associated with several conditions. Modafinil has also been suggested to improve antipsychotic-associated

sedation in patients with schizophrenia. Although a small risk of psychosis exacerbation has been reported due to modafinil adjunct treatment, modafinil-induced AZD5153 in vitro mania or hypomania has not been described in schizophrenia up to now. Herein, we present a 31-year-old patient diagnosed as having schizophrenia according to DSM-IV-TR, who developed a hypomanic episode with irritability, motor activation and uninterruptible speech soon after adding modafinil to clozapine. In this context, the risks and benefits of adjunct therapy with modafinil in treatment-resistant schizophrenic patients who have been prescribed clozapine will be discussed. (Archives of Neuropsychiatry 2010; 47: 171-3)”
“Genetic variability and population structure of Sapindus trifoliatus L. (Sapindaceae), collected from Gujarat, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh states were estimated GSK923295 price using three DNA fingerprinting methods viz., random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD), directed amplification of minisatellite DNA (DAMD) and inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSR). The cumulative

data analysis carried out for all three markers showed 69.42 % polymorphism. The intra-population genetic diversity analysis revealed the highest values of Nei’s genetic diversity (0.16), Shannon information index (0.24) and polymorphic loci (43.99 %) among Bhavnagar (BH) population, whereas lowest values were found in Junagarh (JU) population. The maximum inter-population average genetic distance (0.20) was between Allahabad (AL) and JU populations. Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) showed highest percentage of variation among individuals of populations (56 %) followed by 25 % among populations and 19 % among regions. Principal coordinate analysis and UPGMA dendrogram revealed that genetic diversity was in congruence with the geographical diversity. The data strongly suggest that low genetic flow, geographic isolation and to some extent genetic drift are the major factors responsible for high genetic differentiation. Preservation of genetic diversity of S.

Subjects and methods: Forty-seven mothers were interviewed an

\n\nSubjects and methods: Forty-seven mothers were interviewed and followed from the time that their children were newborns until they were 24-months old. The interviews were analyzed using qualitative content analysis.\n\nResults: According to tradition, diapers were used only rarely. The mothers used a whistling sound at certain times to remind their children to eliminate

and frequently checked for signs of need. With this process, all children used the potty by the age of 9 months. At the age of FK866 in vivo 24 months the potty training was completed, and most of the children managed the whole process independent of help.\n\nConclusion: This study shows that it is possible to start potty training with good outcomes very early in life. The process described can be achieved through an Acalabrutinib Angiogenesis inhibitor ongoing communication between parent and child. (C) 2012 Journal of Pediatric Urology Company. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Vertically aligned arrays of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) were chemically attached to an optically transparent electrode of fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) for use as a working electrode in a photoelectrochemical solar cell. 7,14-Bis[2-[tris(1-methylethyl)silyl]ethynyl]dibenzo[b,def]chrysene (TIPS-DBC) layers were deposited onto the SWNT/FTO electrodes via spin coating. The photovoltaic

properties of these new TIPS-DBC/SWNT/FTO electrodes were then investigated. The presence of the additional TIPS-DBC layer was found to increase the open circuit voltage, short circuit current density and power conversion efficiency of the cells compared to those cells made using nanotube only electrodes. In addition, the spin speed at which the TIPS-DBC layer was deposited was found to have an effect on the photovoltaic performance of the cells. These results

show much promise for the further development of photovoltaics in which the photoactive elements are carbon based, rather than transition metal based. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.”
“Olive leaf (OL) supplements are marketed as promoting health and supporting the body in preventing free radical damage. This study examined the effect of different concentrations of OL supplement on the haematological and lipid profile and on the oxidative stability of red blood cells (RBCs). A cohort of healthy pigs was used as a model in a single-centre, randomized, prospective Ispinesib pilot comparison. Twenty four pigs were assigned to three experimental diets: a control group fed the conventional diet and two groups fed the conventional diet supplemented at 50 and at 100 g/kg with OL, during 8 weeks. Blood was collected for haematological, biochemical, and haemostatic studies. OL supplementation resulted in a significant decrease in plasmatic triacylglycerols (TAGs) concentration, aligned with a lower body mass and fat storage but no significant reductions were found for low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDLc) and oxLDL levels.

Conclusions: TGF beta 1 is an important and complex modulator

\n\nConclusions: TGF beta 1 is an important and complex modulator of sensory neuronal function in chronic inflammation, providing a link between fibrosis and nociception and is a potentially novel target for the treatment of persistent pain associated

with chronic pancreatitis.”
“Fluorescent nanoparticle-based imaging probes have advanced current labelling technology and are expected to generate new medical diagnostic tools based on their superior brightness and photostability compared with conventional molecular probes. Although significant progress has been made in fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystal-based biological labelling and imaging, the presence of heavy metals and the toxicity issues associated with heavy metals have severely limited the application potential of these nanocrystals. Here, we report a fluorescent carbon nanoparticle-based, alternative, nontoxic imaging probe that is suitable for biological staining and diagnostics. We have developed a chemical method to synthesise highly fluorescent carbon nanoparticles 1-10 nm in size; these particles exhibit size-dependent,

tunable visible emission. These carbon nanoparticles have been transformed into various functionalised nanoprobes with hydrodynamic diameters of 5-15 nm and have been used as cell imaging probes.”
“Noncovalent interactions such as hydrogen bonding, pi-pi stacking, CH/pi interactions, and halogen bonding play crucial roles in a broad spectrum of chemical and biochemical processes, and can exist in cooperation Selleckchem AZD7762 or competition. Here we report studies of the homoclusters of chlorobenzene, a prototypical system where pi-pi stacking, CH/pi interactions, and halogen bonding interactions may all be present. The electronic spectra of chlorobenzene monomer and clusters (Clbz)(n) with n = 1-4 were obtained using resonant 2-photon ionization in the origin region of the S-0-S-1 (pi pi*) state of the monomer. The cluster spectra show in all cases a broad Staurosporine spectrum whose center

is redshifted from the monomer absorption. Electronic structure calculations aid in showing that the spectral broadening arises in large part from inhomogeneous sources, including the presence of multiple isomers and Franck-Condon (FC) activity associated with geometrical changes induced by electronic excitation. Calculations at the M06-2x/aug-cc-pVDZ level find in total five minimum energy structures for the dimer, four pi-stacked structures, and one T-shaped, and six representative minimum energy structures were found for the trimer. The calculated time-dependent density functional theory spectra using range-separated and meta-GGA hybrid functionals show that these isomers absorb over a range that is roughly consistent with the breadth of the experimental spectra, and the calculated absorptions are redshifted with respect to the monomer transition, in agreement with experiment.

XRD and ac impedance

studies are carried out on the prepa

XRD and ac impedance

studies are carried out on the prepared samples. The ac impedance measurements show that the conductivity of the prepared samples depends on the (PEG:BaTiO3) ratio, and its value is higher for (15:5) wt.% of (PEG:BaTiO3)-incorporated film. The temperature dependence of the conductivity of the polymer films obeys VTF relation. The role of ferroelectric filler in enhancing the conductivity is studied. The thermal stability of the film is ascertained from TG/DTA studies. The phase morphological study reveals that the porous nature of the polymer electrolyte membranes depends on the (PEG:BaTiO3) ratio.”
“The [Co(Me(2)Salen)(PBu3)(OH2)]BF4 and [co(me(2)salen)(PPh3)(Solv)[BF4, complexes were synthesized and characterized by FT-IR, HDAC cancer UV-Vis, H-1 NMR spectroscopy and elemental analysis techniques. The coordination geometry of [Co(Me-2-Salen)(PPh3)(F120)P3F4 was determined by X-ray crystallography. It has been found S3I-201 that the complex is containing [Co(Me2Salen)(PPh3)(H20)113F4 and [Co(Me2Salen)(PPh3)(EtOKBP4 hexacoordinate species in the solid state. Cobalt atom exhibits a distorted octahedral geometry and the Me2Salen ligand has the N202 coordinated environment in the equatorial plane. The [Co(Me2Salen) (PPh3)(H20)113F4 complex shows a dimeric structure

via hydrogen bonding between the phenolate oxygen and hydrogens of coordinated H2O molecule. These complexes were incorporated into MontmorilloniteK10 nanoclay. The modified clays were identified by FT-IR, XRD, EDX, TGA/DTA, SEM and TEM techniques. According to the XRD results of the new nanohybrid materials, the Schiff base complexes are intercalated check details in the interlayer spaces of the clay. SEM and TEM micrographs show that the resulting hybrid nanomaterials have layer structures. Also, TGA/DTG results show

that the intercalation reaction was taken place successfully. @ 2014 Published by Elsevier B.V.”
“The central pathways subserving the feline pupillary light reflex were examined by defining retinal input to the olivary pretectal nucleus (OPt), the midbrain projections of this nucleus, and the premotor neurons within it. Unilateral intravitreal wheat germ agglutinin-conjugated horseradish peroxidase (WGA-HRP) injections revealed differences in the pattern of retinal OPt termination on the two sides. Injections of WGA-HRP into OPt labeled terminals bilaterally in the anteromedian nucleus, and to a lesser extent in the supraoculomotor area, centrally projecting Edinger-Westphal nucleus, and nucleus of the posterior commissure. Labeled terminals, as well as retrogradely labeled multipolar cells, were present in the contralateral OPt, indicating a commissural pathway. Injections of WGA-HRP into the anteromedian nucleus labeled fusiform premotor neurons within the OPt, as well as multipolar cells in the nucleus of the posterior commissure.

This in turn may affect the ability of the organism to detoxify e

This in turn may affect the ability of the organism to detoxify endogenous and exogenous xenobiotics.”
“Dietary BX-795 order plant sterols have received increasing attention in recent years due to their favorable health benefits. The present research focused on quantification of phytosterols as free, esterified and total forms in different tetraploid (5 cultivars of Triticum durum Desf., 9 cultivars of Triticum dicoccon Schrank) and hexaploid (5 cultivars of T aestivum L., 12 cultivars of Triticum spelta L.) wheats. Tetraploid wheats showed the highest content of total sterol (79.4

and 79.5 mg of sterols /100 g dry weight for T durum and T. dicoccon, respectively). Hexaploid cultivars were the best source of esterified sterols (40.7% and 37.3% of total sterols for Triticum aestivum and T. spelta, respectively). Significant amounts of free sterols (65.5% and 60.7% of total sterols for T durum and T dicoccon, respectively) were found in the tetraploid cultivars. The most abundant phytosterol in all wheat samples was sitosterol accounting for 45.1-59.1, 46.6-57.4 and 38.6-59.5% of total, free and esterified sterol fraction,

JNK-IN-8 solubility dmso respectively. These results demonstrate that although the sterol profile present in tetraploid and hexaploid wheat species is the same, differences in their relative amounts and distribution allow statistical differentiation between hexaploids and tetraploids, and between soft and durum wheats.”
“We discuss protein post-translational modification (PTM) from an information processing perspective. PTM at multiple sites on a protein creates a combinatorial explosion in the number of potential mod-forms, or global patterns of modification. Distinct mod-forms can elicit distinct downstream responses, so that the overall response depends partly on the effectiveness of a particular mod-form to elicit a response and partly on the stoichiometry of that mod-form in the molecular population. We introduce the mod-form distributionthe relative stoichiometries of each mod-formas the most 3-MA inhibitor informative measure of a protein’s state. Distinct mod-form distributions may summarize

information about distinct cellular and physiological conditions and allow downstream processes to interpret this information accordingly. Such information encoding by PTMs may facilitate evolution by weakening the need to directly link upstream conditions to downstream responses. Mod-form distributions provide a quantitative framework in which to interpret ideas of PTM codes that are emerging in several areas of biology, as we show by reviewing examples of ion channels, GPCRs, microtubules, and transcriptional co-regulators. We focus particularly on examples other than the well-known histone code, to emphasize the pervasive use of information encoding in molecular biology. Finally, we touch briefly on new methods for measuring mod-form distributions. WIREs Syst Biol Med 2012, 4:565583. doi: 10.1002/wsbm.

In the larger study, all smokers used nicotine and placebo patch

In the larger study, all smokers used nicotine and placebo patch (double blind) for 1 week each following

a preceding week of ad lib smoking, in a 2 x 2 cross-over design. Generalized estimating equation (GEE) models determined the predictive Adriamycin ability of cue-induced craving (cue reactivity) on subsequent success at initiating a quit attempt (at least 24 hr quit) for each patch condition. Smokers who exhibited greater craving during exposure to smoking cues had significantly greater odds of successfully initiating abstinence during either quit attempt week (i.e., the nicotine or placebo patch week). This relationship was not statistically significant for self-reported craving in response to neutral cues. However, a greater smoking-neutral cue difference score for cue-induced

craving was also a significant predictor of successfully initiating abstinence, but only among those not monetarily reinforced. Implications of these seemingly counterintuitive findings are discussed.”
“Objective. check details To compare pre- and postoperative characteristics and surgical success rates of patients with and without previous episodes of dacryocystitis, who underwent external dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) for nasolacrimal duct obstruction (NLDO). Methods. The medical files of all patients who underwent external DCR between 2006 and 2011 in our institution were reviewed. Theretrieved data of patients with and without previous episodes of dacryocystitis were compared. Surgical success was determined by postoperative followup of at least 6 months. Results. A total of 185 patients with NLDO underwent external DCR of whom 152 (100 females and 52 males, mean age 67 +/- 15 years) met the inclusion criteria. Sixty had previous episodes of dacryocystitis and 92 did not. Left-side obstruction was more common than right-side obstruction among patients with previous episodes of dacryocystitis (48.3% versus 31.7%, resp., P = 0.031). Glaucoma patients were significantly more likely to develop dacryocystitis than patients without glaucoma (P

= 0.002). The success rate of external DCR was 94.4% for patients find more with previous episodes of dacryocystitis and 86.7% for patients without (P = 0.337). Conclusions. The surgical outcomes of external DCR in patients with or without a previous episode of dacryocystitis were similar. Patients with glaucoma and NLDO had a significantly higher risk of developing dacryocystitis.”
“Reservoir method is applied to the feed-forward learning machines for nonlinear regression estimation. Inspired by the existing experience from extreme learning machine (ELM), the new method inherits the basic idea from support vector echo-state machines, but eliminates the internal feedback matrix to adapt for the feed-forward usage.

Results also suggested that general stress plays a (rather minor)

Results also suggested that general stress plays a (rather minor) mediating role in

the relationships between ERI and burnout and particularly between WLI and burnout.\n\nCONCLUSION: For the prevention of chronic stress and burnout one should consider both high efforts put into work as well as all job demands that are competing and interfering with family responsibilities or other private activities should be considered.”
“Purpose Evaluation of the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, time of surgery, morbidities, and other/additional findings during laparoscopy AG-881 research buy for suspected appendicitis.\n\nMethods Prospective evaluation of 148 laparoscopies for suspected acute appendicitis.\n\nResults Laparoscopic appendectomy was safe and cost-effective. No appendiceal stump leaks or wound infections occurred. Of the patients, 4.7%

developed intra-abdominal abscesses. Mean time of all procedures was 47 min: 42 min for simple appendectomies (n=126), 67 min for perforated appendicitis (n=15), and 75 min for converted procedures (n=7). Twenty-one of 148 (14.2%) patients had unexpected findings instead of appendicitis: inflamed epiploic appendices (three times), inflammatory disorders of intestine (five times), learn more intestinal adhesions (two times), ovarian cysts (six times: one time with mesenteric lymphadenitis, one time ruptured), tubo-ovarian abscess (one time), tubal necrosis (one time), adnexitis with mesenteric lymphadenitis (one time), and acute cholecystitis (one time). These diagnoses might have been missed during conventional open appendectomy and were, if necessary, treated during laparoscopy.\n\nConclusions Laparoscopic appendectomy should be recommended as standard procedure for acute appendicitis.”
“Purpose: Our purpose was to determine whether the local U0126 in vitro application of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 2 accelerates regeneration and remodeling of rotator cuff tendon defects reconstructed with acellular dermal matrix (ADM) grafts in rats. Methods: Thirty adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into equal groups undergoing FGF-treated and

FGF-untreated repairs. All rats underwent placement of ail ADM graft for the supraspinatus defect (3 x 5 mm). FGF-2 (100 mu g/kg) in a fibrin sealant was applied to both shoulders in the FGF-treated group, whereas only fibrin sealant was applied in untreated group. At 2, 6, and 12 weeks after surgery, 5 rats (10 shoulders) in each group were sacrificed for histologic analysis (3 shoulders) and biomechanical testing (7 shoulders). The controls were 5 unoperated rats (3 histologic and 7 biomechanical control specimens). Results: Unoperated control tendons inserted into the bone by direct insertion; there was a zone of fibrocartilage between the tendon and bone. At 2 weeks, the FGF-treated group had tendon maturing scores similar to those in the untreated group (P>.05).

“The use of nanoparticles for surface modification and per

“The use of nanoparticles for surface modification and performance enhancement of membranes is another latest trend in membrane technology. In this work acid functionalized multi wall carbon nanotubes (f-MWCNT) was initially mixed with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) in dimethylformamide (DMF) to form nano-composites (NCs) and then blended with polyethersulfone (PES). The PES/PVP-f-MWCNT nano-hybrid hemodialysis membrane was formed via the phase inversion process. The membranes were characterized and their

performances were then evaluated in terms of pure water permeation rates (PWP), urea, creatinine and lysozyme rejection. The results revealed that, compared to the pristine PES membrane, the BI-D1870 PES nano-hybrid hemodialysis membranes were more hydrophilic; possess high PWP rate up to 72.20 L.m(-2).h(-1), exhibited 58.82% reduced protein absorption, and better uremic waste clearance of 56.30%, 55.08% and

27.90% of urea, creatinine and lysozyme respectively. Thus the addition of NCs in the membranes indeed modified the surface and enhanced the performance of the PES membranes. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.”
“Background: The hazardous health effects of smoking are established, but there remains a need to evaluate existing smoking prevention strategies and to increase their effectiveness in adolescents. Strategies focusing on parental attitudes and rule setting have been identified as a potentially effective approach. The present manuscript describes objectives, study design and methodology of the BEST Prevention study. Methods/design: PHA-848125 ic50 BEST Prevention is a three-armed cluster randomized-controlled trial among 7th grade (11-16 years) students in Berlin, Germany. Schools were enrolled between 2010 and 2011 and allocated using a centralized

randomization list into 1) a student smoking prevention intervention (visit to an established interactive circuit), 2) the same intervention plus Selleckchem Bucladesine a parent intervention, and 3) a control group (visit to an established exercise and nutrition interactive circuit). Students were assessed at baseline, 12 and 24 months via self-report, as well as via carbon monoxide and cotinine in saliva at the 24 month follow-up. Statistical analyses uses multi-level regression models with cluster effects (school and class within school) based on the intention to treat population. Here we report descriptive baseline characteristics of recruited schools, and schools classes. Two schools from the control group dropped out after allocation. Hence, 47 secondary schools from all 12 districts of the city, including 161 school classes and 3023 students are participating in the study. Of those, 2801 students completed the baseline assessment. Discussion: The present manuscript provides details on the study design and methodology of a large school-based smoking prevention trial in a metropolitan area in Germany.