nov Mycobank 563432 Genus novum familiae Graphidaceae subfamili

nov. Mycobank 563432. Genus novum familiae Graphidaceae subfamiliae Fissurinoideae. Ascomata rotundata, immersa. Excipulum fuscum; columella desunt. Hamathecium non-amyloideum et asci non-amyloidei. Ascospori submuriformes, incolorati, amyloidei, lumina lenticulari. Acidi lichenum deest. Type: Pycnotrema pycnoporellum (Nyl.) THZ1 cell line Rivas Plata

and Lücking. The genus name is a combination based on the epithet of the type species, pycnoporellum, and the suffix -trema. Thallus light grey-green, smooth to uneven, with dense, prosoplectenchymatous cortex; photobiont layer and medulla with clusters of calcium oxalate crystals. Apothecia immersed, rounded, often aggregate in lines; disc covered by narrow pore, redish-colored; margin entire, brown-black. Columella absent. Excipulum prosoplectenchymatous, brown; periphysoids absent. Paraphyses unbranched. Ascospores 8/ascus, submuriform, ellipsoid,

with thick septa and rounded lumina, colorless, I + violet-blue (amyloid). Secondary MGCD0103 purchase chemistry: no substances. There are no diagnostic characters of this new genus that would separate it consistently from taxa confirmed to belong in Ocellularia and Myriotrema (Rivas Plata et al. 2011b). The ascospores are of a type found both in the latter two groups but also in several species of Fissurina. Within subfamily Fissurinoideae, Pycnotrema is the only genus with myriotremoid apothecia. Myriotrema as defined by Frisch et al. (2006) is a highly heterogeneous group and the myriotremoid apothecial

type (immersed with narrow pores, non-carbonized excipulum, no periphysoids) has evolved several times independently within these fungi (Rivas Plata and Lumbsch 2011a). Pycnotrema thus far only contains the type species (Fig. 2h): Pycnotrema pycnoporellum (Nyl.) Rivas Plata and Lücking, 17-DMAG (Alvespimycin) HCl comb. nov. Mycobank 563433. Bas. Thelotrema pycnoporellum Nyl., Flora 59: 562 (1876). Syn.: Myriotrema pycnoporellum (Nyl.) Hale, Mycotaxon 11: 135 (1980). Syn.: Thelotrema ‘pycnocarpellum’ [sic] Nyl. in Zahlbruckner, Catalogus Lichenum Universalis. 2: 628 (1923). Acknowledgements We are indebted to K. Kalb, B. Staiger, and A. Frisch for discussions and suggestions. This study was otherwise made possible by three grants provided by the LY3023414 price United States National Science Foundation (NSF) to The Field Museum: “Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Ostropalean Fungi” (DEB 0516116; PI Lumbsch, Co-PI Lücking); and “ATM – Assembling a taxonomic monograph: The lichen family Graphidaceae” (DEB 1025861; PI Lumbsch, Co-PI Lücking). References Archer AW (1999) The lichen genera Graphis and Graphina (Graphidaceae) in Australia 1. Species based on Australian type specimens. Telopea 8:273–295 Archer AW (2000) The lichen genera Phaeographis and Phaeographina (Graphidaceae) in Australia. 1: Species based on Australian type specimens.

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